Is IKEA Coming to New Zealand?

Is IKEA in New Zealand? Yes and no.

No, in that there are no official IKEA stores in New Zealand yet (as of September 2012) because apparently the Australian company (Cebas) with the rights to open the first New Zealand IKEA haven’t found it economically viable to do so yet.

Yes, in that NZ-based companies are onselling genuine IKEA products. These include online stores Myflatpack ( and Nevada Furniture (

Though not an ideal solution for consumers (obviously a bone fide IKEA store would be optimal), IKEA furniture is ideal for online purchase and delivery because it is flat-packed to be self-assembled.

Several ‘bring Ikea to NZ’ Facebook pages have sprung up, with the most popular one approaching 12,000 likes. Unfounded IKEA store openings, fuelled by some of these Facebook fan pages, have been rumoured for Auckland’s Westgate Shopping Centre.

New Zealanders continue to hold out hope for IKEA in NZ.

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